Anthony Anthony Antenucci Senior Project Manager Tel: 717-418-1002
Courtney Courtney Cavanaugh Project Coordinator Tel: 717-520-3990
Derek Derek Cooper Assistant Electrical Project Manager Tel: 717-520-2586
Todd Todd Duffie Managing Partner Tel: 717-550-7972
Tracy Tracy England Facilities Resource Coordinator Tel: 717-520-3349
Julie Julie Jones, MBA/CHRM Human Resource Manager Tel: 717-550-7972
Michael Michael Karich Mechanical Project Manager Tel: 717-520-2886
Julie Julie Koranda Accounting Tel: 717-550-7972
Joyce Joyce Leslie Assistant Project Manager Tel: 717-520-2371
Kathy Kathy Lyter Project Coordinator
Rick Rick Martz Sr. Project Manager Tel: 717-520-3419
Sonya Sonya Myer Project Coordinator Tel: 717-520-3418
Jack Jack Nailor Project Superintendent
Darrin Darrin Perry Project Manager Tel: 717-520-2880
Tim Tim Roh Project Superintendent Tel: 717-520-2634
Peter Peter Shkuda Assistant Project Manager Tel: 717-550-7972
Joseph Joseph Valenzia Estimator
Lisa Lisa Young Facilities Project Coordinator Tel: 717-520-3088

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