Bank Inspections

SR Duffie Consulting (SRDC) provides professional, reliable residential and commercial construction plan review and payment requisition inspection for your bank loan customers. We can even review each requisition for payment from the contractors as well as make appropriate site visits; and, based on the percentage of construction that’s been completed, determine the correct amount due. We have been providing Bank Inspection services, along with Property Condition Assessments, and Cost Analysis services since 2014.


Pre-Inspection Review of

  • Project budget and associated construction costs
  • Contract(s)
  • Drawings and specifications
  • Loan documents
  • Schedule of values and pay application


  • Review monthly pay application and draw request
  • Perform onsite inspection
  • Provide detailed report and pictures, outlining the status of the project
  • Provide additional analysis and input on potential financial & project risks

Every project is unique. Utilizing our extensive experience in the construction industry, vast network, and having filled many roles in the construction delivery process, we are able to expedite completion of each project report and work through any potential issues quickly.

We offer the following Additional Services to Banks, as an added benefit to their clients:

  • Property Condition Assessment
  • Focused Inspection (for a specific building component or project issue)
  • Forensic Cost Analysis & Audit
  • Insurance Claim Analysis
  • Opinion of Cost (for project soft or construction costs)

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